My name is Kelly and I'm 21 years old. I love my cat, Seattle, and my boyfriend Tim. My blog is about my interests, and my life experiences. Please feel free to ask me absolutely anything or just say hi!


Did yoga today for the first time in three months! Time to start getting back in shape!

Seeing as how I only have 55 days to go ;)

Day 29

Your favorite thing about him?

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  1. I have naturally nice finger nails
  2. I am a hard worker
  3. I am very organized
  4. I have a very creative mind
  5. I think I have a nice smile :)

    Passing it on! :)

Day 28

Describe meeting his family…

Ok anyone who knows me knows exactly where this is going! 

Starting with his brother and sister-in-law in Japan! They were totally cool and sweet and really just seemed like our best friends rather than actual family, but the fact that they soon will be makes it even better! 

Meeting his little sister: The first time I met her Tim, his best friend and I showed up at their house half soaking wet at 10 at night and Tim and Cam both jumped on her since she was sleeping on the couch and I was just like hi, I’m the stranger nice to meet you thanks for letting me sleep in your bed! We went to Galveston with the fam the next day and she had her friend along so Tim and I kind of went off and did our own thing most of the day but she seemed really sweet and I had wished I had gotten more of a chance to get to know her!

His parents: They picked me up from the air port with Tim and were very welcoming and right away really made me feel right at home! The entire time I was there they were very inclusive and welcoming and had treated me like they had known me for years! I was slightly intimidated by them though. They were very religious and seemed very set in their ways and I didn’t want to clash with them on anything! Especially not after this one afternoon where his mom and I talked a lot about my schooling and her business and I kind of fell in love with her work right then and there. But the part that everyone who knows me is anticipating comes next! 

So the most awkward moment of my life happened with Tim’s father while I was in Texas! It was my last night there and Tim and I had just gotten back (late) from a dinner/movie date. We got ready for bed and Tim asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him. So I said sure, even though I was kind of tired. I crawled into bed next to him and about 30 minutes into the movie I fell asleep. (As previously mentioned his parents are very religious and I had been sleeping in his sisters room the entire visit) Well the next morning at like 7 am his dad comes barging in and tells us he’s going to work he’ll be back at 11 to take me to the airport and we better get up now. Slams the door and walks out, obviously upset. Well later that day he comes home from work to take me to the airport and Tim and I are on the couch watching TV and he flat out asks, “Did you two have sex last night?” Most awkward moment of my life. His Dad then lectured us for half an hour on the sanctity of marriage and asking if we were seriously ready to be married to each other had I gotten pregnant….WHEN WE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE SEX! I was on my period as it was and we had just met each other and we were both virgins at the time! It was the most awkward moment of my entire life and the entire time I kept saying ANYTHING can happen right now to put an end to this conversation forever!!!

It was all good though! For the longest time I thought his parents had thought less of me, or didn’t really like me because of it but as I found out when I went to Japan from his sister-in-law they had only ever said great things about me, and have never shown any negative thoughts or feelings towards me! Which was a huge relief! His parents have very big hearts and just really care about their children and the ones their children love and want nothing but the best for them, which is really sweet! This time, I definitely won’t make the same mistake twice lol!

So it was awkward but I feel like I love them a little bit more for that actually! Over all I have loved every member of his family I’ve met… especially his grandma…even if I did meet her while his grandpa was in the hospital! :)